︎Charcter creation process


Name: Alice (The protagonist)
Powers: Artist that can bring her imagination to life through drawing
Occupation: Illustrator/comic artist


Alice had been working hard on the latest issue of her comic book series, but she was stuck. She had been sketching out the same page for days, not able to come up with the right story arc. She is also feeling low on confidence and art block and self doubt are a big part of her psyche.To her amazement, Alice found herself transported into her own comic book. She was in an entirely new world filled with characters and creatures she had drawn in her own stories

Initial sketches 

︎Character role

Alice immersed herself in the story and even ventured into her own comic book world. She found herself in a world of adventure, danger and discovery. She encountered powerful villains, brave heroes and amazing creatures along the way.
Alice soon realized that her comic book was more than just a story - it was a reflection of her own personal journey. As she continued to explore this new world, she discovered the power of her own creative potential.

Alice eventually made it back to the real world, but she never forgot the lessons she learned and the power of her own imagination. She still continues to explore and tell stories in her comic book world, and she's determined to make a difference in the future.

︎3d render process

Lewis Carroll’s fantastical tale of magic cakes and secret doors, grinning cats and warbling turtles, has never been out of print since it was first published.It’s timeless themes and characters have been interpreted in different ways over the years and this will certainly continue in the future.
In this project, we will explore how Alice in Wonderland may be interpreted differently in the year 2023.