︎ 28th Oct

Trial rig success for the Alice character and tried a few movements.

︎ 15th Oct

Setting up bones for
a trial rig!

︎ 15th Aug

More inking

︎ 30th Jul


Some inking and making sure the 2d and 3d character are still in sync.

︎ 24th Jul

First test page!

Figuring out the layout of the page with text and how much I want to rely on dialouge bubbles. 

︎ 16th Jul


I start sketching for the first test page of the book. 

︎ 4th June

3d update!

Exported the body sculpt to Blender to check how the folds on the clothes look when rendered in cycles.

Quite happy with the overall silhoutte of the character here.

︎ 25th May

Clothes for Alice in Marvelous Designer!

Now that the head sculpt was done it was time to make a full body sculpt with clothes stiched in marvelous designer.

Stuck to the green puffer jacket from the initial concept sketch and creatted sneakers for the first time in MD.

︎ 11th May

Head sculpt is done!

Painted the head sculpt in Blender and make a quick turn around animation. 

︎ 25th Apr

Head sculpt in Blender!

Now that the concept was decided on, I made a 3d face sculpt to show the side and back of the face.

The logic behind this decision was that creating the base 3D model although is time consuming, but building
a 3d character and exporting them from multiple points of view is quicker than
hand-drawing 2D views for the whole story. 

︎ 11th Mar

First introduction to Alice!

Print of the first finished concept sketch for Alice.

I tried to make it look like a comic book cover to help me visualise her as the protagonist and the hero of my story.  

︎ 11th Mar

Print tests!

Did a quick print test to see how the different textures and text I’m using in the style test look on paper. 

︎ 11th Mar

Style test!

The style of the project is still not decided at this point so I spent a bit of time exploring options, different textures and colour ways!

︎ 29th Feb

First concept sketch!

Rough sketches for the protagonist (Alice)

Just quick doodles!

︎ 18th Feb

Ideation starts!

I’m finally ready to start working on a graphic novel. Actually, this dream is a lifetime in the making. I struggle a little bit with making time for this as this is still a side hustle and I only get to work on this after my 9-5!

Story development is in full swing! I’m writing, rewriting, sketching and thumb-nailing.

Lewis Carroll’s fantastical tale of magic cakes and secret doors, grinning cats and warbling turtles, has never been out of print since it was first published.It’s timeless themes and characters have been interpreted in different ways over the years and this will certainly continue in the future.
In this project, we will explore how Alice in Wonderland may be interpreted differently in the year 2023.