︎ Story Premise

It’s the year 2023. In some corner of the world, in a small poorly lit apartment, a young artist named Alice is hunched over her desk at night, hard at work. She is busy sketching out the story of her latest comic book - a story which is familiar yet unheard of; A story where the past collides with the future.

Suddenly, in the middle of putting the finishing touches on a corner of a page, she spots something out of the corner of her eye. Alarmed, she whips around.. but what she sees leaves her spellbound. On her desk, standing on top of a pile of finished sketches is one of her characters - a rabbit - alive and breathing. The rabbit, pale white in the glow of her desk lamp, was beckoning to her... as if it wanted her to follow him. Almost as if under a powerful trance, Alice slowly gets up from her chair and starts going towards him. Inches away from the desk, she reaches out to grab him, when suddenly....the floor gives way under her feet and she finds herself falling into the pages of her comic book... into the world she has been creating....

Follow along to find out what happens next.....

Lewis Carroll’s fantastical tale of magic cakes and secret doors, grinning cats and warbling turtles, has never been out of print since it was first published.It’s timeless themes and characters have been interpreted in different ways over the years and this will certainly continue in the future.
In this project, we will explore how Alice in Wonderland may be interpreted differently in the year 2023.